We’re taking the 5th Annual Guns N Hoses Competition back to the 80’s! So grab your mix tapes and leg warmers because it’s going to be totally tubular!

All proceeds of this event will benefit the Anaheim Police Survivors' and Scholarship Fund (S&S Fund). The objectives and purposes of the fund is to: assist the immediate families of officers injured or killed in the line of duty; provide college scholarships to students entering college; and, memorialize police officers killed in the line of duty.  The S&S Fund is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Federal Tax ID #95-3493593.

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Two person, same gender teams. All participants will receive a commemorative t-shirt. Themed 80’s attire welcomed!
**A female can compete with a male if she can lift the Scaled Male weight and will compete in that division**

Rx Male/Rx Female: Highest skill and fitness level. Athletes must be able to complete workouts without modification to movement or weight. (Examples: Chest to bar pull ups, toes to bar, double unders, hand stand push ups/walk, 20#/14# wall ball, max overhead squat: Male Rx – 185# Female Rx – 125#)
Scaled Male/Scaled Female: Average skill fitness level; experienced athlete but needing further development. Scaling of some workouts either due to weight or high skill level requirements.  (Examples: pull ups, toes to ring, single unders, wall walks, 14#/10# wall ball, max overhead squat: Male Scaled – 135# Female Scaled – 85#)
Masters 40+ Scaling of some workouts either due to weight or high skill level requirements. (Examples: pull ups, toes to ring, single unders, wall walks, 14#/10# wall ball, max overhead squat: Male Masters – 135#  Female Masters – 85#)
Rookie: This is a fun division for those that are new to the competition scene and/or are beginners. Allows for modification and light weight. (Examples: hand release push ups, knee tucks)


Apollo Athletics

Thank you to Apollo Athletics for sponsoring the 5th Annual Guns N Hoses! Some of the equipment used during the competition will be available for purchase after the event at a discounted rate - so be on the look out!


Saturday, May 18, 2019


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North Net Fire Training Center: 
2400 E. Orangewood, Anaheim, CA 92806

Please park in designated areas - check back for map.


Registration $170: SOLD OUT



All athlete/team changes must be submitted no later than 4/20/2019


To ensure the event runs smoothly, we must have an adequate number of judges.  Judges requirements TBD.

To be a judge you MUST:

  • Know the movements and the associated points of performance for each movement.

  • Be confident in making the judgment call.

  • Be able to communicate clearly and effectively.

  • Know the difference between coaching/cheerleading and being a strict judge.

 All judges and volunteers will receive one t-shirt, breakfast goodies, snacks throughout the event & lunch.